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BOLLYWOOD MASALA is India's only all-round syndication company which specializes in producing & syndicating content from the Hindi film industry - more popularly referred to as Bollywood.

Videos & programmes are available for websites as clips, for IPTV platforms, cable networks & DTH platforms as a 24x7 television channel, or for television stations and satellite channels worldwide as a syndicated programme with a per episode duration of between 30 minutes to 2 hours duration per week.

With our team of full-time staff working out of our studios in Mumbai, we put together a 2-hour weekly episode of whats happening in the world of Bollywood - a full report on whats happening behind-the-scenes in the film industry in Bombay, including all of the rumours, gossip, launches, red-carpets, and all of the glamour etc. of this industry. This is packaged with exclusive interviews with the best of movie stars, directors & producers.


For television stations or Satellite / cable channels in various parts of the world, BOLLYWOOD MASALA also provides these as clips of 1.5 minutes (upto 90 seconds) per story, which can be used with a local anchor from your city to produced what will be perceived as a locally produced channel.

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